If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your small project, I can suggest you some services, which will help you to save.


Hetzner — it is fucking cheap. Mostly this is because they use desktop grade hardware. You almost don’t need server hardware untill you have a lot of users. VDS with 24Gb RAM, 8 cores for €41 is really cheaper, than any amazon

But you should make backups. I had no problems for a near four years, but other people had. It is hint from Captain Obvious — you should always make backups, with any hadware

Also, everything is located in Germany. Not the best choice if all your clients are located in USA. But for Europe and Russia this is a good choice.

Code hosting

Bitbucket — unlimimited private repos with 5 collaborators for free. You have shitty bugtracker and some wiki here.

Domain name registration

Yesterday found Freenom — free of charge domain names for first year. Free zones are: .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq. I believe second year will cost you triple price, but if you want to play, you can try this service

SSL Certificate

StartSSL — domain level validation certificate, free to register for one year, free to renew. Does not support wildcards and multiple domais.

Continuous Integration

There is a problem here. Actually, I don’t know anything free or cheap (as for me, even $25/month is too expensive).

For my devel.tools project I just opened sources to use Travis CI. If you don’t care about your source code security, you can do the same.

For other projects I use 50 free builds on drone.io. As I see, they have 50 free builds/project, so you can try to recreate project to have another 50 free commits (: